A Perth Pitstop

Fish n chips- check
Bbq- check
Sunday drinks in the sun- check
Icecream at Hillarys- check
BEACH- triple check

Yes, we realise it doesn’t make much sense, but we decided to pop home for a week of Perth Summer before heading off again. On a bike tour in Buenos Aires the guide asked if there were actually any young people left in Perth?

‘It seems like they’re all travelling South America’ he explained with a grin. ‘Do you like Perth?’.
‘Love it’ we replied.
‘Hmmm, that’s what everyone from Perth says’ he continued with an amused smile.

There are a number of reasons why we heart our hometown. Yes, yes, friends and family we love you very much but I also find myself longing for the big blue sky and beautiful beaches when we’re away. As a friend said just the other day, you don’t live in Perth for the city (although it is getting better).

If you’re reading this from abroad, and you visit Australia chances are you won’t make it to Perth. And if you do, it’s likely that you’ll only visit the beaches at Cottesloe, Scarborough or Rottnest. Do yourself a favour, hire a car and drive up the coast. Maybe we’re a bit biased having grown up in the northern suburbs but Mullaloo beach it is still our favourite. The soft white sand stretches for miles (or kms here) and it’s easy enough to claim a decent sized patch of sand all to yourself, particularly if you wander up from the surf life saving club (only if you’re a confident swimmer, I don’t want any drownings on my conscience). You can have a picnic or bbq at the park and stick around to watch the sun dip into the Indian Ocean, they call this the Sunset Coast for a reason.


Anyway, if you’re heading to Perth or WA in general and have any questions feel free to shoot, I’ll do my best to help.

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