The upside of heading home..

The flight is booked and we’re heading home soon.

After five months travel we think we’re ready but to help us remain optimistic about the impending date I made a list of reasons we’re looking forward to touching down in Perth:

* Drinking water straight from the tap/ brushing our teeth without bottled water.

* Not having to worry about toilet paper, except at music festivals. And good toilet paper, we’re talking 3 ply.

* Hot showers, whenever we want.

* Being understood. Although this is part of the fun of travel it will be refreshing to get a point across without paraphrasing three times over.

* Catching a cab without fear of being ripped off (if we can hail one down that is).

* Clean air- no dust or pollution, my lungs can’t wait!

* Not having to hear people hocking up their phlegm and spitting on the ground. I haven’t gotten used to it, so gross. 

* Being looked at as a fellow human being more often than dollar sign.

* A wardrobe full of clean clothes.

* Cooking. As lovely as it is having people cook every meal for you in Asia we have really missed getting our hands dirty in the kitchen.

* Speaking of food: mum’s roast, multigrain or rye instead of white bread, Mundella yoghurt and berries, salmon, greens, sushi and fish n chips. 

* A glass (or bottle) of Margaret River cab merlot. Plus Coopers Pale Ale for Niall.

* Walks along the beach. Call me biased but I still think Western Australia has the best beaches in the world.

* Training. Walking, cycling and trekking have all been good but I’m looking forward to getting my ass kicked and waking up sore.

* Our house. Even though we call anywhere that we stay more than two nights home we do miss hanging out in our real home.

* Good live music. It’s been hard to find in Asia.

And of course seeing all our family, friends and Buddy. For me, brekkie with the girls is still one of life’s simple pleasures.

I realise that the list of what we’ll miss about travelling will undoubtedly be three times this size and that I’ll probably appreciate all this for a month then crave the traveller lifestyle again but let’s not go there just yet. The glass is half full.

2 thoughts on “The upside of heading home..

  1. We are all looking forward to seeing u and hearing/ seeing ur travels as u have made us all MIGHTY jealous !!!! Xxxx

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